Monday, January 23, 2012

For Friday, January 20, 2012

Cindy and I met for a back-to-back session today so we got a lot accomplished.  the dust ruffle has three long parts with finished edges.  Now all we need to do is gather from the top edge, one side the other on each part.  I suggested to Cindy the idea of gathering the fabric with a hand-held needle, because I think you get a better looking ruffle.  As long as your stitches are consistent, it is a quicker and easier way to do the task.  Right now I have a friend who is gathering fabric by hand for school-play costumes, so that just reinforces my advice.  I watched Cindy mitre the corners of each part.  She was really good at it so I commented "You'd make a great quilter!"  Her response was "I used to teach quilting once upon a time!"  So now I have all the more respect and awe for her work! 


  1. This gathering stuff sounds v. intimidating to me (as a quilter). Some day I may venture into ruffles and pleats or perhaps an article of clothing-- I admire you and what your sewing and am learning from youl When the time comes, I know where to go for help!

    1. We can teach each other. I really want to make a quilt within the next year or so!