Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My first post

     Welcome to my blog!  Bien vienu a tous.  I hope to gain a lot of friends with my new mode  of communication.  I have my dear friend Elisa to thank for the inception of this blog; she can be found at the postpartumquilter.  Elisa is a fantastic friend, writer, seamstress and photographer among many other great things.  So, thank you, Elisa!


  1. I made the dress and cape. The dress still needs to be tailored to my shape. I took these pictures to show you my work and to also give you the "before" picture from my diet program. I'm getting ready for my 30th high school class reunion (May 4-5) as a goal. All I'm really doing is cutting back on my food portions, avoiding in between meal snacks and running at our town's linear path, going to Fitness Expresss or going for long walks in the neighborhood.

  2. The post is up and it looks great!! Love you with Buddy-- that is a nice shot. Good luck on the diet-- reunions are good incentives. Looking forward to seeing your progress and new projects!

  3. Oh, and thank you for your compliments. It was fun setting the blog up with you :0)